Entry #3


2008-07-07 23:31:20 by zacko555000

is gay, and im quitting. i hate you all, except for:
people who have left useful, nice, (or mean, if it is justifiable) reviews on my audio.
people who have supported me
the 10 people who have added me as a favorite artist :)
ctsg2 guys
all ng dnb artists (biggups)
Specific people:
Cornandbeans (hes awesome, learned alot from listening to his music)
Jala-Fox (you are a noob, but i love you)
f0d (he is secks)
koriigahn (from p-p to ng, youre a cool brit, and i loves chatting with you)
swirly-helix (working on a collab with him, so hes going to post it on his ng(not FULLY quitting, i guess)

well, thats it.




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2008-09-15 03:24:30


And i really liked your music. Sad to see you go mate. Good luck in the real world!